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We thank God for the unadulterated Word Of God!  As we expound on the daily Scriptures, we will attempt to analyze each Verse, so that we can get a full (better) understanding of what God is saying to us.  In these studies, we will not have any heated debates or arguments.  We all have different opinions, so let us respect what one another has to say because even though my opinion may differ from yours, each Scripture has various meanings, but the same concept or idea, which may mean the same thing, so our opinions doesn't necessarily mean that any of them are wrong; I think that we should be optimistic in knowing that whatever we have to say could very well be the truth, so I would love for each of you to voice what's in your minds and your hearts with the utmost respect to God the Father & our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit... and also to each other.  So let us share our Knowledge and enlighten each other as we walk through God's Word...Let us make this special time Spiritual, enjoyable and a fun exploration.  Thank you all so much and I pray that you enjoy this time with God and be Blessed in the Word, daily!  Love & Peace, ~EarthAngel~

*Each Verse Analyzed
A new Verse will be submitted daily, in Scriptural order, and prior Verses will be deleted daily, so if there's anything that you will want to save, please copy and paste in your Documents or your personal Email for future reference, thanks!


The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham: 

There are four gospels with a different emphasis in each. 

   Matthew wrote to the Jews,
   Mark to the Romans,
   Luke to the Gentiles, and
   John to everyone.

There are extensive quotations from the Old Testament in Matthew, more than in any other gospel.

Matthew began his book with a presentation of the ancestry of Jesus Christ.  (1:1-17) because of its strategic argument for the Messiah. Matthew presented the genealogy of Joseph, and Luke presented the genealogy of Mary.  (Lu 3) Thus, we have both a legal line and the blood line of Jesus.  Matthew proved that Jesus had the legal right to the throne of David. He had the the judicial and prophetic right to the throne. (2 Sa 7:8-18; Ps 89:20-37)


Yesterday Philippians 3:17b
Today Philippians 3:18
Wednesday 11/23/11
Monday - Friday

study the bible
Philippians 3:18

"For many walk of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ."

Verses 18 and 19 discuss the enemies of the cross. The chapter closes like it began, "Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the mutilation." (3:2) To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

For many walk of whom I have told you often

In verse 17 Paul encouraged the Philippians to mark out those who are mature. Mature believers live on earth as if they were already in heaven. (v.20) Now by graphic contrast he sets forth the flip side–those who detract from growth. The negative crowd we run with, influences our values.

This is a major problem for teenagers who are in the "identity crisis." They gain their identity from what others in their group think about them. Teens are vulnerable to the crowd. When they are by themselves they seem to be fine. When they run with the crowd that is another story. They are easily led. Group pressure sweeps them along in values they would not otherwise hold. If they get into the right crowd where they can see living, flesh and blood, examples of those who walk with the Lord, the impact will be for good.

Paul reminded the Philippians many times of those who would detract from their lives. He told them "often." Paul employed "redundancy" as a valuable device. Leadership takes responsibility to constantly warn their followers of danger.


PRINCIPLE: Good leadership identifies negative influences and structures countervailing principles into the people they lead.


APPLICATION: As a leader in your home, do you forewarn your family about negative influences? Peer pressure cannot transcend fifteen years of values inculcated into the life. If our teens are secure enough in themselves that they can stand against the crowd, they have reached a maturity beyond most. If we are to build teens who are independent of social pressure, we need to communicate biblical convictions at a young age. We need many young men and women who, like Daniel, dare to stand alone.

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Replies to This Discussion

In today's world it is a precarious position with so many people divorcing,remarrying and having affairs...Marriage was sanctified in the Bible many times,and man chose to ignore God's law,and now as this passage indicates,we are sinning and going against the very core of the institution,and then there is same/sex marriage,so this opens up a whole new perspective to this passage,and thus it goes on and on...
This message and verse rings so true in today's climate and we are thus is hard to go against the ultimate judge,and besides if we begat evil with evil,how does this make us any more worthy of the kingdom?
Life is too short,true...and spending energy in the pursuit of evil,revenge,vendetta, non this passage gives much to think about and act upon...
The time has come to testify for the Lord,and to stand tall for Christ in our words and deeds..for if we need deny him,we will lose our soul...
Thanks for clarifying the passage,and letting us all know that it will be a battle,and a fight to do what is right as soldiers for Christ...
Actions will always speak louder than words,and hypocrites and parasities will always try to use righteousness as a way of deception and false judgment and boosting their own ego...

RE: Today's Lesson 1/20/11 Matt. 21:28

Amen my Brother!  Isn't this Lesson typical of today?  Most religious people talk the talk but they don't walk the walk!  We must be careful in how we are being led and what we are being taught but most of all, we must not be deceived, because there are a lot of Wolves in Sheaves Clothing, just sitting in wait to devour us all!!!

Richard Marquez said:

Actions will always speak louder than words,and hypocrites and parasities will always try to use righteousness as a way of deception and false judgment and boosting their own ego...
So much truth is spoken here,and those who seek the kingdom,but institute false practices and beliefs in the name of their religion,only lead others astray,and will suffer the wrath of God...It is open and free,and God wants us to accept his son,the Messiah,and gain the road to salvation by partaking in his feast and truth and belief...thanks for sharing...
They could never trick Jesus,because he spoke the truth,and even though their basic foundation was hypocrisy and phoniness,Christ saw right through their shallowness...nowadays,we must decide who is really doing God'd will or just fufilling their own agendas and needs...thanks for sharing...
Lots of hypocrites and wolves in sheep's clothing acting like leaders of the people...they appear righteous and pious,but are nothing but false teachers and leading the people astray...
Amen Brother Richard and I see the same thing playing out in a lot of Churches today!  They change the truth to a lie and slowly lead the people astray.  That's why God tells us to study the word of God daily to show ourselves approved, rightly dividing the word of truth, so that we won't be blown or led the wrong way by every wind and doctrine that comes along. God said that there is a place for false Prophets, Preachers and Teachers and they need to stop and take self inventory and repent while they still have time.  May we continue to Pray for those who are lost and also for the Wolves in Sheaves Clothing!


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