Four most important steps to True Prosperity


1 You must have patience.

Prosperity is a race that needs 100% patience to run because, it is like 10,000 meters race which need consistence and patience and true prosperity can only come from one place which is the kingdom of God. And to be honest with you everything you need to become Prosperous in life has been released by God long before you where born.


It is indeed sad that we have allowed the enemy to control our mind thereby making us to believe that prosperity is everywhere and you can get it by any means, fine we can agree with them but to an extent, because the prosperity that is everywhere which can be gotten by any means is not the true prosperity, and you must not forget that for the fact that prosperity is everywhere does not mean that is everywhere you will meet true prosperity


The kind of prosperity I am talking about here is the type that only God can give, if you at what he said in Heb.12:1, he said “let us run with patience the race that is set before us, tell me, what kind of race are you running now? Is it the race of prosperity? Then you have to be patient for you to meet with prosperity. Because prosperity is so patient and the truth is this, you will learn to wait upon God before true prosperity will make itself visible to you. Do not take hid to what you have now because if what you do does not please God know it that you are yet to meet with true prosperity. And not until
you meet with true prosperity there is no how you can enjoy life as you please


2. You must have faith in God.

Another basic step you need to take before you can meet prosperity is Faith, you see without faith and work, believe me you can never meet with prosperity. Because if you are seeking for true prosperity, true prosperity can not make itself visible to you if he does not have faith in you also , one thing you should always have in mind is that GOD had faith in us and that was why he released prosperity to us long before we were born and because we have bought from the lies of the enemy we seem to lose our faith in God, please take your mind to the Bible which is the manual of Life think about Abraham and our Father Jacob even Joseph in Egypt whom today by faith we are made to
believe are our fathers and if we can exhibit 60% of their kind of faith today believe me true prosperity will be the one knocking on your door step every minute of the day because it has already been released long before you were born


3. You must have self control

Another vital step you need if you want to be prosperous in life is self control, because if you can’t control yourself then true prosperity is far from meeting you, prosperity is a strong spirit that need strong hand to control, prosperity is not looking for who to control, because true prosperity will not control you and anyone that is being controlled by prosperity is not of God because my God will never give you prosperity that will control his children, because all power has been giving to us right from the Cross of Calvary where my Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and that includes the power to control
wealth and that was why he said in the book of Deuteronomy 8 vs. 18 “But thou shall remember the LORD Thy God for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth”, what is he talking about here that he is the only giver of true prosperity . he want further to say ‘that he may establish his covenant which he swore unto thy father as it is this day, which means you must have safe control for him to teach you how to be
prosperous in life.


4. You must be born again

The last but not the least of steps to true prosperity is being Born again, let me refresh your mind here about the kind of born again I am talking about, you need to believe in Our Jesus Christ with all your mind for true prosperity to meet you, because if you remember what he said in the verse
we read above you will notice that he said He is the giver of power to make wealth which means for you to be prosperous in life you must believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ died for you and the Bible made us to know that he died for poverty so that we can become rich, riches here means true prosperity, please stop buying to the idea of the enemy because his mission on earth is lay hold to all that God has made available for you and I to enjoy life with. I will therefore urge you to surrender
your life today to my Lord Jesus Christ and apply what he said in Psalms 27 vs., 14. “Which says, wait on the Lord be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart wait I say on the Lord”



Are you willing to seek for true prosperity and you are not yet born again? Here is the first step to take, do please sincerely say this simple prayer. O Lord, Today I confess and declare you as my Lord and personal Savior I know I am a sinner, Lord cleanse me with the blood of your Son Jesus Christ, I total surrender my life to him today and forever in Jesus name I pray. Amen


My Beloved believe it that God has come to live in your heart today, then go back to your work and see what God will do if you will hold on to the four steps mentioned in this massage. As you do this may God richly bless you and your family in Jesus name. Thank you and remain blessed.



By Evangelist Prince Wisdom
Life Way Charismatic Center
Kata International Hostel
Accra Ghana
Tel: +233=246847149
Skype: mywiseone

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Comment by EVANGELIST PRINCE WISDOM OPURUM on November 14, 2011 at 4:25pm

take or leave it that is truth about life



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