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At 11:47pm on January 06, 2010, Evang. Felecia Spaulding gave JaniceDennis a gift
At 4:10am on November 16, 2009, Emmanuel Brown said…
Don’t Turn Back By "Seeing Growth"((Label Me Royalty))


Most of us have taken steps forward in life and left behind memories of some times that we lived life at less than our best. Not only did we not meet our own expectations, we sometimes disappointed those that meant the most to us – including ourselves. We have overcome situations that became simple for us participate in, to grow beyond them into situations that are more challenging, frustrating, and demanding. It sometimes seems like everything that can go wrong does go wrong when we are doing things the right way and that it would be much easier to go back to living as we once did.

Anything that is worth having is worth the effort that it takes to obtain it, maintain it, and help it grow. We will not obtain anything that we have not obtained in the past by turning back, because we will go back to a time that we will see nothing new because there is nothing new. We will not maintain the things that we have in life by turning back, because the things that we have today were not made for yesterday. We are not growing by turning back, because turning back means that we have to adapt living our life at less than 100%, since the person that we were 5 years ago is only a part of the person we are today.


Living day to day life is not always easy, but turning back to a point where we once lived will not make life any easier because we will begin living our life with the struggles that we once faced and overcame. The struggles that we overcome in life do not grow, we grow beyond them and face a few new struggles that we are capable of overcoming because we become a little bit stronger when we face our challenges. Challenges make us who we are, but we have the power to make challenges magically turn into opportunities.

Even when we feel like we have suffered losses, we have to ask ourselves if we really suffered a loss or gained the knowledge to never suffer the same loss ever again. When we lose things either we weren’t careful or they were not meant for us to have at the time. Life is full of ups and downs, it is up to us to truly understand the difference.


Keep your eyes forward, there never has been and never will be anything new to see by looking back. Have A Blessed Day and Return The Love By Leaving A Comment By Clicking This Link.
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At 9:49pm on September 17, 2009, guilbert yedukondala said…
good eving dear friend,,,
i hope u r doing well
At 8:03pm on August 5, 2009, Evang. Felecia Spaulding said…

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At 3:17am on June 7, 2009, L Dawson (Nita) said…
At 10:15am on May 28, 2009, BISHOP JL ARY said…
At 7:59am on April 21, 2009, Evang. Felecia Spaulding said…

At 11:38am on April 19, 2009, LUKWAGO SANDE said…
Dear Janice i greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ,i thank God for connecting us through this network.
Am by name of Lukwago Sande a ugandan citizen pastoring a church also found in uganda and it is called New Gegeneration Ministries.our vision is to expand the kingdom of God through preaching the gospel to all nations and up lifting the flag of the kingdom of heaven.
for i got saved in 1992 and i was fulled with the power of the Holly spirit.for about my childhood life i never saw the parental love,i was mistreated because i grew from my step dad's home,surelyi new not that i was to grow into a useful person,for what led all those is during my growth i missed so many things such as going to school,for no body loved me and they tried their level best to kill me but as God says that i knew you before, he never allowed death to take me. i was surrendered to evil spirit so that they may kill me. what i remember very well is that one day they tied to tree and i was about to die but my sister came and released me from the tree, it was avery bad time that she was killed and i remained alone. i thank our Godbecause the word says '' i will not die but live and will proclaim what the LORD has done'' PSALM 117:17.
Surely i have passed through a very hard time thruogh out my life,so as the life was very painful i grew up and became a vey good drunker, i used to go for alcohol and also i uused other drugs to the extent of being hated more, i thank God that as people continued tohate me for him loved me more.
One day i went for alcohol in the bar which was located at our neighbour village called Kanyanda,it was 7:50 pm, i let the bar for home and as i was on the way going home stagling side and side, infront of me frached a very big light which resembled nating an this world, i was a fraid and immediatly i felled on the ground, on opening my eyes i saw a man with a very bright face standing besides my, since i knew that God has never existed i thought may be one of the dead has came on my way but the face was different from those i have ever seen,
The man called my name and said '' SANDE,SANDE ,SAND '' he got my hand and rised me up, in thatvery time i saw the steps from the ground moving up words, we moved and on reaching wherei never knew that it was the heaven, a big gate was opened before us and we moved inside, truelly the heaven is there and i my self saw it, the man led me before avery beaughtful throne, on which the son of God seat, i saw Jesus with my eyes and he ordered the Angel to take me where those who die without axceping God where the go, my dear friend the place is very painful, i remember i was locked in a very smoll cage which was full of great heat, heard men , women,children crying and also where i was i was crying because the place was full of pain, the Angel by them he was stand a distance from where i was and in that very time i saw Satancoming towords me and he tried to caryy me but the Angel stoped him with his great power so the Angel used the same power and carried out of the cage, on reaching him,he torched his hand upon my head and i was refleched , we went before God.
for it a long story and due to limited time i would like give you more of what happened next ,you can email me on pastorsandy2002@yahoo.com for more testimone.

so i began New Generation Ministrie in 2000 and it has not been easy up to where we are right now, i have meet different charrandes in my ministry and let me share with you as below:-
i have my wife and by then we had our first born child called Jaira she got sick and Died, i was very stack because i had no money,
i went inside the house and i got the dead body in my hands and called upon the God who meet me on the way , surddenly i saw theeyes of my child opening and i called her mother to see what the lord has done , i thank God for that miracle he did in my family,
as years went on we beared a son called Miceal,who i loved so much and as he was approching 4 years he went sick and was addimited at the hospital, the boy went through heavy pains up to the extent of becoming blind.one time as they where in hospital and i was at the church, the word of God came to me to go and pray for my son in the hopital but i refused because i was full of fear. in the mid of the might they called me as the boy was dieing, i was at home and from there i calledupon God to help me but God remainded me what he tald me to do, so in the morning i went in the hospital and i prayed for the boy and after 2 day the doctor saw that the had changed so they tald them to come back home, on reaching home i discovered that my boy was not seeing and i continued to pray for hin and with in that very week the boty began to see and to talk. i thank God for his might power he use to do wanders,

for what the lord has done in my ministry and for his plans i have got alot of vision such
:- Helping orphans by providing education and basic needs in life and youcan visit my website www.newgenerationministries.homestead.com
;- I do move to different vallage ares trying to help village pastors so that their dreams may be fulfilled, by this i do encourage them with what God provides me with and also with the word from God,so right now i have 50 village pastors whom am encouraging because they have got bigdream and i would like themto uplift them up so that the Glory of our God may shain alover the world. MATHEW 25:34---46,5:3----,JOHN 15:1--
;- preaching the word of God to all nations and we work hard to see that many people are chanded to GOD throught stagind out crusades,conferences and moving in different ministries .with in this ministry i have seen miracles and the hand of God doing wanders.
''my dear friend i would like to welcom you to join me in any of the ministry above, the door is open''
for more information you can eamil me on pastorsandy2002@yahoo.com
am waiting to hear from you
may God bless you
Am pastor Sande Lukwago
At 11:26am on April 15, 2009, Evang. Felecia Spaulding said…

At 9:32am on March 12, 2009, monica render said…
Sorry for that long comment below ~ next time I'll just have to give you a call-lol!
At 9:30am on March 12, 2009, monica render said…
Hi Janice! I recognized your picture right away! You get around too! ~ lol Isn't the internet great for this!?! I had joined Empowerism, but, with our new presentation, we're showing everyone how to get into two businesses for about $20, and then how to build teams of just 3 ~Chat to text is just $6 and Black Business Builders is $14-which has a lot of tools to use to market, like their video postcards, I'm hoping to create my first one within the next couple of days and I'll send you one! The key is just to start building your team and then, you can "run" your one team into any of your businesses (Soulpurpose, Empoerism, travel, etc.!) We can talk more about it! Also, we have a nightly webinar Mon.-Thurs. at 9:15, where you can get more info. ~ let me know, I can send you the link~ Monica:)
At 11:52pm on March 11, 2009, Evang. Felecia Spaulding said…

At 11:51pm on March 11, 2009, Evang. Felecia Spaulding said…

At 7:49pm on March 10, 2009, monica render said…
Hey Janice, how are you? I love, love, love, your picture on here of the soulful . This is where I'll come to take a break and daydream:) Monica
At 8:11pm on March 1, 2009, Evang. Felecia Spaulding said…
Blessings to you...Please Be Blessed and share your testimony. Add a group or share a prayer.....I'm truly glad you're here God Bless!!
At 8:08pm on March 1, 2009, Evang. Felecia Spaulding said…



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