The Lady Is A Leader, As She Unfolds!

The Lady Is A Leader…As She Unfolds

The Lady Is A Leader- As She “Unfolds”
Have you ever purchased a precious garment, a piece that when you saw it, you knew you could not live without it?   This was a purchase which you even imagined what you would be doing in this precious apparel.  When the purchase was completed, you had a bounce in your step as you contemplated the great voyages on which you would wear this new addition to your wardrobe.
Only to find in the present, that this “I can’t live without piece of apparel”, now lies dormant. This garment is now folded neatly in the drawer of your dresser.  The item has been folded so long now, that in order to remove the creases lodged in each fold, it must now be professionally steamed by one who knows the quality of the fabric, and will take extra care of it.
This is your season to “unfold”,  too long have you allowed your precious gift to lie dormant , under a bushel.  Too long have you given precedence to the “thought” of I am too old, I am too young,  I am too heavy,  I am too thin.   You’ve given priority to the standards of society, conceding that you don’t speak in a particular fashion, or that you weren’t born in a particular zip code, or that your family doesn’t have the correct cultural heritage.  How dare you fold up and die, when God looked upon everything he made and created and said…”It was GOOD”?
As I searched within the tablets of the scriptures, I found women who have folded their life so tightly, that had it not been from an encounter with our Lord, their gifts would have been cast so far away we would not have their testimonials for our lives…
St John  4 NIV
There was a woman whom Jesus met at well; he began to tell her of  her life, and share with her, that the man she was living with, was not her husband.  He offered her living water, and she began to tell all in the city to come and see a “MAN”.
Our Lord and Savior demonstrated to this woman, the true essence of “unfolding”.  One must understand that in that culture, women did not “put away” their husbands. Their husband divorced them. Also not only was it uncommon for a Jew to hold conversation with the Samaritans,  but especially a Samaritan Woman.  As their conversation unfolded, she began to see Him not only as a “peculiar” person but as the Messiah.  She unfolded her embarrassment, her hurt, her wounds, and began to evangelize about the Lord of Lords!  Had she not been given  “hope” by the Lord, a great gift would have lay dormant.
St John 8  NIV
There was a woman caught in adultery, had she been under the “law” she would have been stoned to death…yet after those who caught her “continued” to ask Jesus what He was going to do about the situation..Jesus asked her accusers if any of them were without sin?  Of course after they dismissed themselves, Jesus told the woman to go and sin no more.
Jesus gave her the liberty to “remove” herself from a life which  had her caught up in adultery so that she could “unfold” into a life not dominated by sin.  What a blessing to have an opportunity to unfold into a beautiful specimen of His grace…even in the midst of those who continue to question, what shall you do with her Lord?  Be reminded many will ask, what shall you do with her Lord, because they knew you when!!!
As a Lady Leader, God has graced you with numerous gifts, which may be lying dormant, which you may feel are no longer effective.  This can be caused due to being continually questioned, “how can you use her”?  This feeling of inadequacy may also arise from your prior or present environment or culture.  You too can unfold, you too can arise up and walk in HIS power!
You need professional assistance!  You need the Great Physician to bring healing to your life!  You need the Ultimate Lawyer to plead your case!  You need the Great Counselor to listen to your wounded heart!  You need the Great I AM…so that whatever it takes to erase the creases, and lines of your need, engraved in your life…It SHALL be done!   I am excited to view you as you move forward no longer folded over, but…
Walking In Power,
Dr. BJ

Editing- Evangelist Denise Jackson-WOP Charter Memb

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Comment by Dr BJ Relefourd on May 5, 2012 at 1:46am

Thank you, I am so glad you were blessed by the content!

Dr. BJ

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Comment by EarthAngel Divine on May 5, 2012 at 12:01am

Awesome post my Sister! You know, this also reminds me of Esther, she was leader and it also reminds me of the Women of the Bible, some were dynamic leaders!... Today it also reminds me that Women have always been Leaders and even though some religions try to hold women back and put them in their place, so to speak, we always prevail because God has put something in us and to be honest, some things that we go through and endure, most men couldn't handle it and not to put down on any man but it's the honest truth! When most Men get sick, who has to baby and comfort them? End of story LOL... My Mom was the leader and bread winner of our household and one of the strongest leading women I know! There are a lot of great leading Men & Women out there but I have to give the Sisters their Props because they truly deserve it! Thanks for Posting Sis... Great Article!



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