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logo gifBeing a Lady Leader is an amazing responsibility.  The spectrum of assignments is extensive and features  a wide range of flexibility.  A Lady Leader may find herself in the course of a week mentoring to a person who is preparing to enhance their life skills, to rolling up her sleeves and helping someone believe in themselves.  These tasks can also range from developing a curriculum to provoke someone's God-given power, to being quiet and listening with an ear of empathy and love.

Throughout the many facets of Lady Leadership one of the most valuable for me is being a vault.  I really can't recall when it happened, but early in the journey, I knew the importance of confidentiality and discretion.

A gossip goes around telling secrets, but those who are trustworthy can keep a confidence. 

Proverbs 11:13 

One of the worst wounds one can experience is after sharing an intimate conversation with someone whom you trust; you find out it has been shared.  It takes an enormous leap to unmask, unveil and release. It takes a vault, a person endowed with the sanctity and respect of privacy to uphold such an honored position.

One of many definitions of the word vault is;  a large room or chamber used for storage, especially an underground one.  (Dictionary.com) A Lady Leader must have the capacity to value intimacy of the heart, as it will be used for storage.  You will be privy to information which may have crushed the interior soul of the person who’s sharing and because you were predestined as a vault in their journey, you are present.vault

On another level of discretion, a vault is used for underground storage.  As a Lady Leader, your confidentially is so crucial, that there is dialogue which is only shared with our Heavenly Father. It is carried as the pallbearers release us ashes to ashes, dust to dust back to the ground from which we came.

I never said being a Lady Leader was a simple assignment. I did, however; say it is an amazing responsibility.  It is not always comfortable being the reservoir to hold the tears, the pain and anguish of someone who feels helpless and hopeless.  Amazingly enough that very same person may be the one you are given the opportunity to witness their leap into the arms of faith, their catapult into a victorious lifestyle.  And for that we give God praise and ALL glory!

May you be ever strengthened with grace in your assignment, as a Lady Leader!

Dr. BJ Relefourd

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Jean Parker

Ret. DAV/Journalist

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