How can you convince me that you used another name to uncover someone, you and the person you uncovered who is better, now that you know the truth are you not ashamed of your investigation, how could you believe what a scam husband told you about a man that has been praying for you with all his heart, all you that they have succeeded in convincing I want you to listen and listen real good  


Not until you confess those rubbish you thought about me in your heart you will never see that husband or wife you are searching for, please watch my choice of word ‘searching for’ take it or leave it I have what it takes to give you a good husband and a good wife, and I repeat I will not listen until you do what I said because for all I know I have told you the truth and the Bible made us to understand that you shall know the truth and truth shall make you free, and some of those truth are that you should believe in the prophet, for you to prosper, stop buying love, support the work of God going on here, stop procrastination, listen take it or leave you can have all the spiritual gift in the Bible if your desire is to marry not until that comes to pass in your life, you will never be happy right or wrong? Prosperity is not only accumulating wealth, good marriage is prosperity good husband that will not cheat on you is prosperity, good wife that will not kill you before your time is prosperity, as for cheating our wife’s men we are guilty in that one, we love cheating, cheating on each other runs in our blood, that is when you come to church we make them to confess the blood and what happen when they do that is that, the blood of Jesus Christ will mix with theirs, then you see them living a holy life , so when I talk of I having what it takes to give you a good husband I know what I mean, I know my wife is blessed for having a husband like me because where I am today in the Lord I don’t think the word suspicion exit, ladies here will bear witness if I have ever asked anyone of them out since we meet here , and for you the women 95% of you wish their husband will die before them, right or wrong? So men when I talk of having what it takes to give you a good wife that will not kill you before your time you should understand what I meant


Is another new week and still in the month of February and we are talking about Programmed for Signs and Wonders Isaiah 8 vs. 18  I don’t have much time this morning because I am going to the site by God grace work is starting tomorrow, those of us waiting for me to call them before the will support what I am doing sorry you are wasting your time, let me reecho this into your ears no one can help God, Gods does not need your help is you and I that need Gods help, and what do we do to attract the help of God, is by supporting those working for him, if God wants to build his Temple all by himself he has what it takes to build it with a blink of an eye, so don’t think when you support God’s work that you are helping God,


A sister from South Africa that lives in Saudi Arabia sowed a seed of $1000 in my life and ever since then God has never stopped blessing her life, she was believing God to buying a house back home I told her what to do and she obeyed three days after she called and said the landlord has reduced the price  by 30% , few days after we met on skype and she said MOG I still don’t have enough money even after he removed the 30% I told her call the man and tell him how much you have and she did and  to her greatest surprise the said the house is yours you can pay balance anytime you like I will call my bank to tell them you have paid me complete,  I remember last week she called me and said she is back to live in South Africa and she need job so fast so that she will not be broke after paying for the house, I remember asking her have she submitted application anywhere she said yes, I remember that was last week Thursday I told her this week you are stating a job, just this morning as I was waiting for my family to join me in our morning a call came from her that I should guess what, I told  her I know why she called, she said yes I know you do MOG I could sense some joy in her voice and she said I am starting job this morning, she could not hide her joy, she said what you told me has came to pass, I expect someone to say a big Amen to that, some of you when we finish praying for you, you will take your seed to another place, believe me it does not work like that and the most funniest thing is that most of the places you take your seeds are not even praying for you  someone said I have a powerful woman of God praying for me, tell me what makes her powerful when her prayer will not heal you of those problems, prayer has now become a medication that you call they pray for you in the morning afternoon and night, No if he or she is powerful one prayer should stop that evil attack in your life, the Bible said he has giving us power and that means we have all it take to tell sickness go and it will have no option than to obey, is someone with me this morning, am I making sense this morning,


Listen one of those things that will make you witness signs and wonders this month is your testimony , and you attitude towards what a prophet declares into your life, I always ask people check your life now and before you met me, I remember asking a friend this question she said but I am getting blessed everyday, I said yes but why it is you have not gotten the husband your are looking for, she said it will come, yes that is the truth it will come, but tell yourself the truth age is no more on your side, yes is the truth tell me do you want to be the next Abraham’s wife,? Or the next Abraham? I doubt it because with what I see in your eyes you want a younger guy and for you the men you want a younger lady, yes or no? I know you are smiling right now!! Because you know exactly what I am talking about Anyway I leave it to you to have a rethink and please don’t be to long because I want you to witness signs and wonders this month.


I know my message has touched you this morning, I released it like an ice water dropped over your head, tell me what is it you are believing God for this month I want you to make a date with us this Wednesday to Friday from the hours of 5;30 pm to 8;00 pm  please come fasting, please if you are pregnant or nursing a baby yes you can join us but make sure you eat fruit and drink water as you fast, I want to assure everyone that will take part in this month Prayer and Fasting exercise to get set for signs and wonders. You will never believe what God will do in your life this month


For those of you that wish to support the ongoing project should contact me by inbox or better till call for details on how to do so, let me use this opportunity to thank those who thought it wise to support us I want to tell you that you have triggered Gods; favor this month and I pray all the days of you life may you experience unlimited Possibilities, I pray may you have a wonderful week filled with God’s signs and wonders in Jesus name, Amen thank you and remain blessed.

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Comment by Evang. Felecia Spaulding on February 10, 2013 at 7:52pm

God Bless You For Such a Powerful Testimony...Thank you Greatly for sharing



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