Beloved in the Lord,

Greetings to you all once again, this is your brother Evangelist Prince Wisdom coming your way from Life Way Charismatic Center in Accra Ghana I thank you all for the love and words of encouragement I have being receiving from must of you and I also want to encourage you to continue believing and trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ because him alone is the one acting everything through me,

I am coming your way again with a prophetic massage from our Lord Jesus Christ. Please for those of us who has being following my massages I want to announce to you that God has again delivered the massage every one of us are waiting to hear. .without taking much of your time I know that if you hear the rest of the massage you will not fail to call and say something nice to me because is not everyone that has the grace to deliver such massage.

I know some of you will be asking themselves who is this man and what his massages are all about; as I was preparing to put this massage down, God gave me another massage which I will also deliver during the cause of this first one.

My father said I should tell his people that everybody should fasting their seat belt, he said he is in to restore, and what that means is that this is the week of total restoration what ever good you have lost in life is being restored back to us this week.

This massage came at 3; 40 am Monday morning of 20-02-12 he said those who wish to get their restoration within the next 48 hours should pick their phone and call, what ever it is that you have lost and you have being believing God to get it back just say it to me I will pray with you and God will grant it to you. I congratulate the first 10 callers because 4 people among the 10 are getting their marriages and relationships restored, last massage was about lost opportunity this week he is here to restore those opportunity back on us. God is giving 2 ministries a brand new evangelism bus this week. 2 Sisters among the first 10 callers are getting married in the next 35 days from now.

It will only cost you a phone call because of the much email I do receive we find it had to reach must of you back on time, please I urge you to be patient with me for those brothers who are finding it had to make the right choice of woman this is your chance to do so 2 brother among the first 10 will get the anointing to locate their life partner this week all it will cost you is a phone call, please do not try to call to tempt the Holy Spirit because he knows everything and he is the one using me

The next massage is short and simple if you are a believer and you don’t like your position where you are working now and you have being trusting God for a better position or a better job, this is what he said go out there reach out to 5 persons who do not have a place of worship and bring them to the Lord this assignment is to help save Christians from the evil wind blowing all over the world.

If you have being following my massages and you have not taking out time to email or call me, believe me you are missing a lot, I told you all that, where God is taking all of us to this year believe me very soon people will come and ask you what is your secret, please watch out next week for prayer point. On those trusting God for prosperity, my Beloved trust me I can’t wait to deliver the last massage for this month because, is awesome.

For those of us who would love to be part of the renovation work going on in the Church building should please do so only by email, the address and phone numbers are bellow. I am believing God for a new set of Office furniture and a place for the children Bible class, you can put that in your plan when sending your seed. For those of us who sent their seed last week I congratulate you because God accepted it I will also love to encourage you to continue believing in my massages because in Life Way we mean to help you give your life a meaning

Those of us who called last week will testify that the Lord is good many sisters in Ghana will testify also, a sister called and got the grace to pray with her husband for the first time in their 10 years of marriage, I believe you know what that means for a broken home, another sister called and got a job appointment for the fist time in 6 years, another sister called and got the grace to meet her husband, a sister also called and got the grace to join her husband overseas, you must not forget that there is nothing too hard for my Lord to do, all you need is to make that decision today and give us a call Pastor Jeff and I will be here to attend to your needs, trust me I can’t wait to release this fresh oil of restoration on you, and I must tell you this is the moment I have being waiting for and I know God will surely change our life for good after this encounter .

Thanks you and best regards
Evangelist Prince Wisdom
Life Way Charismatic Center
Kata International Hostel
P. O. Box KN 4363
Kaneshie Accra Ghana
Tel: +233=246847149
Skype: mywiseone

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