MASSAGE TO MY LOST DAUGHTER OF ZION VOLUME 2 This is a massage that God gave me on behalf all the born again Christian women going through one form of marital or relationship problem at this time, I strongly believe that this massage should get into the hands of so many people so that our women will come out of problem that the society do get them into, if you look around the world today you will see that women are being used by the society in one way or the other thereby leaving them victims of one marital problem or the other. I also believe that most women do get themselves in most of those problem by themselves as a result of one goal or the other, why I said so is because if every women on earth today will understand how important they are before God, they will know that going back to him will be the only option they have to come out of that problem they are in today. Hear me Oh dear Daughter of Zion today I have come to reecho it in your ears to follow me to where you will hear things God said concerning that thing you call problem that has kept you wondering if I am alive or not. My Sister God said he has heard your cry; please cry no MORE in the book of Isaiah 52 vs.1=6 God said something concerning you. In the volume 1 of this massage I said something about you first reading this massage down before opening your Bible, God made me to know that because of the tone of words in those chapters most people don’t get to read the rest of the massage thereby not getting the insight about what this massage is all about. One thing I know for is that anyone that will hold on to the massage that is in my massage will receive a blessing that will cost her life to change for good. Beloved if you can follow me again to the book of Amos: 9 vs. 11=15 there God said another interesting thing that will happen if you truly believe in what he has said in the Isaiah 52, the problem with us is that we do not know how to apply the word of God, that is why that problem seems difficult, accept the truth in the Bible and believe in it and it will work in your life, point what ever you saw in those verses and direct it to yourself. Tell me God said I should ask you have you also forgotten that he is thy God? Thy Redeemer the Holy one of Israel the Alpha the Omega the Beginning and the End the only Wise and the only True God thy Comforter my Sister please follow me to the book of Zephaniah 3 vs. 12=20 there God summarized everything I don’t see why you should keep crying when God has assured that victory is yours, just believe the word of God with all your heart and apply them in your life trust me you will surely come out of that problem, just lay hold on every word of God you heard and swim in his glory!! Forget about what you are going through don’t give up because of temporary set backs, I am here to take the problem off your shoulders said my God, cry no MORE complain no MORE weep no MORE. I only urge you to believe everything you see in those verses and see what God will do in your life. If after reading and you still feel you need me to pray for you to obtain the anointing of Restoration which God has released on me this week for those of you following my massages the number to call is bellow this massage the time to call is from 6 .00 am GMT and 12;00 pm GMT and 8;30 pm to 10;00 pm GMT Monday to Friday, for those of you that has been following my massage I have ton reecho this massage again because the Holy Spirit asked me to do so and I believe this will give you what you have being waiting to hear. Please forward this massager to every born-again Christian woman, Sister whom you know that is going through marital or relationship problems at this time, or that is praying to marry before the end of this year, every single mother you know that is going through hard times, any lady you know that is suffering heart brake at this point. This is a prophetic massage that the Lord has lead in my heart to give them; the number to call for a special prayer is +233246847149. Weep No More Oh My Daughter of Zion, I don’t want to know what ever that happened all I want to tell you is that all has been nailed on the Cross by Jesus Christ I mean ALL. Not even one problem has been left out even that one you are in now has been paid for ALSO; all you need is to pray and ask God for the receipt of the dept he paid through his blood. For those of you who are finding it hard sending their seed can do so now by Money Gram as our account has been linked to them. I also want to let you all know that my Miracle Daughter will be Two years old this Saturday; I called her miracle daughter because God used her to heal my marriage that was in the bondage of the oppressor for 10 years. If you call and no one picks please send SMS or email I will call you back if need be, everyone that will believe in this massage and forward will receive a miracle that will change their life in 2 days in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you and best regards Evangelist Prince Wisdom Life Way Charismatic Center Kata International Hostel P. O. Box KN 4363 Kaneshie Accra Ghana Email; Tel: +233=246847149 Skype: mywiseone

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