Words of Wisdom Vol 2

Date: Sunday 28/10/10

Dearly Beloved I am coming your way today with a powerful massage about what God has said concerning your safety, it is sad to hear in these last days that most Christian has succumbed to the harassment of the enemy thereby putting the faith and Christian life at risk.

Let me admonish you to come out of your shield and claim all those things God has said concerning your life, it is even sad to know that most believers this days find it had to share their testimonies with the Church just for the may fact that the enemy might attack them. Let me help you by refreshing your mind about those things God has said concerning your safety anywhere you find yourself. Let me believe that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, beloved if you are, then you must understand that God has said concerning your life that he shall cover you with his feathers, he also went as far as telling us that if we believe in the name of Jesus that you shall trade down the enemy,

So tell me if God who sent his only son to you and I said these things concerning your life, so tell me why then should you be afraid when he has said all this concerning your life. Let me also help you by reminding you that God said his truth shall be your shield and buckler, my brother/sister don’t be afraid of those things they have said to you or what doctors has said concerning your life, what I want you to know today is that you should not be afraid of the ones you see in the morning or evening, noonday or at night, all I want you to know is that God have said concerning your life that even though a thousand shall fall at their side and ten thousand at right hand, he said non shall come near thee so why shake when you have know the truth concerning your safety.

Beloved let me also remind you that if you trust God in all your ways believe me I have not seen that enemy, who will come near you, let me admonish you to start working in safety as God has already promised you safety in all your ways. He said safety is your when walking, when traveling on air road, when you are in your business area, he said your foot will not stumble, even in your sleep he said it shall be sweet, all you need is to be strong in the Lord don’t be afraid of sudden fear nor remember those things enemies has said concerning your life, and I want you to know that even if they try to remind you of those things our LORD shall be your confidence and he shall keep your feet from being taken.

What I will urge you to do is that if you strongly trust and believe that Jesus Christ died for you and his name is your strong tower, which you have to depend on at all times for your safety.
I believe that the word that is coming your way is giving you some strength and it is for this reason that I will tell you to go all out to do that which God have said concerning your life because your safety is assured in the name of Jesus.

I am saying this to you because I am 100% sure that no matter what you are going through my God has assured me that he is with you like a mighty terrible one, so therefore your persecutors shall stumble and not prevail, let me help you please do not limit your fight against flesh and blood only the battle also has to extend to those problem in your life that seems too had to give way and as for your enemies they shall surely be ashamed, they shall not prosper and their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten at easy.

And for you to qualify for God’s safety in everything you do you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, please if you have not giving your life to Christ this is an opportunity for you to do so, say this with me “Dear Lord Jesus Christ today I come to you as a sinner and I confess to you that I am a sinner and I accept you today as my personal Lord and Savior, I will always trust and believe and pray in your name, forgive me of all my sins, today I accept that you died for me thank you also for saving me. Now you know you are saved.

Beloved believe it that something has taking place in your life and you are ripped for God’s Safety, and I tell you today that tremendous testimonies will be your lot in the name of Jesus.


Psalms: 91 vs. 4-7
Proverbs: 3 vs. 23-26
Proverbs: 18 vs. 10
Jeremiah: 20 vs. 11


1. O Lord cover me with your wings in the name of Jesus
2. O Lord let your truth be my shield and buckler
3. O Lord let all the arrows of the enemy go back to the enemy in the name of Jesus
4. O Lord help me to walk safely in all my ways in the name of Jesus
5. O Lord let all the plans of my enemies at night in the day perish in the name of Jesus.
6. O Lord preserve my foot from being taking in the name of Jesus
7. O Lord let all my persecutors stumble and die in the name of Jesus.
8. O Lord let my enemies be ashamed in the name of Jesus
9. O Lord, use this bulletin to bring abundance of blessing to the writer and his family who are believing God for a House and a land for their ministry in the name of Jesus.

Dearly beloved if you know this prayer really worked for you please do not fail to write us a mail and share your testimony with us and if you need direction on how to pray this prayer do please call the number bellow for assistance, note anybody who is testy for God safety must pray this prayer.

If God has also lead it in your heart to support us with his ministry in any way do please contact with us on phone bellow before doing so, don’t forget in All these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us Rom.8:37, you can also email and request for your name to be added on our list for our monthly bulletin. May God richly bless you.

Evangelist Wisdom Prince Opurum-O.
Accra Ghana
West Africa
Email: wisecjprince@yahoo.com
Tel: +233-246-847149

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