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Is it time you separate yourself from your Lot

Abraham when he was called brought a Lot with him; today most of us when we are called bring a lot of Lots with us. And that really is not a problem in bringing our Lots with us, after all Jesus wants us just as we are.

However, there comes a point in our lives just as it did with Abram when our old self and our new self begins to come into conflict with each other, a time when we are unable to receive all that is due to us because we have ran out of space, a time when…


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He Has Risen

A little over two thousand years ago battered and torn He laid down His life to justify you and I from our sins. Three days later He became victorious so you and I could see the light and have everlasting life. Our Saviour desires only the best for you and I so stand firm in your belief and faith in Him. Do not be discourage neither look at the confusion around you instead fixed your eyes firmly towards the eye of the storm. There you will find Jesus calling you to find rest in His presence…


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Happy Valentine

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Good Day Comments

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God's Agape Love for His people

So God created man in is own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Genesis1:27

And behold, thou shall conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son and shalt call his name Jesus Luke 1:31

It was today when my eyes became open to the significance of the two actions above. You see the thing which make this great Bible of ours so great is everyday we can find new treasures, we could read this great book a thousand or more times but it does… Continue

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Put your trust in God to see your miracles

In November I woke up one day unable to walk and in such pain I could never image, for a week I was not able to walk, sit or bend or attend work for the pain. I was taking 9 prescribed tablets every 3 hours and still the pain was unbearable. I was told that I needed a walking stick to aid me, brother I am no where near the age to need a walking stick I have not even reach fifty yet was what came into my head, Gods purpose for me did not include me being incapacitated, unable to walk. When He… Continue

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We need to keep Souls in

Matthew 25:31-46

You know there are so many people who have set out on the Christian pathway who have stumbled and fell and appear to have gone unnoticed. I believe we have a responsibility to bring in new souls but that we also have a responsibility to keep souls in.

So often one comes to Christ and once they are in there is no guidance but I truly believe God is grieving at the souls who are falling by the wayside. We as Christians have a responsibility to encourage and… Continue

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Don't Give Up

Luke 18:35-43

The Blind man who was born without sight did not resign himself to spending the rest of his life in darkness. when the opportunity presented itself he cry out for help even through others around him was discouraging him he cried out the more because he knew the prize that was waiting for him if he could just maintain his faith and keep pressing on.

He believed he would receive a gift if only he could make himself heard and seen. He cried the more because he… Continue

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Christmas Time

I think most people who are arguing about the reason for Christmas and Jesus name is still missing the point most people know that the 25 December was not the date Mary gave birth to Jesus, the date is not important if it was the Holy Spirit would have ensure through inspiration it was written in the Bible and it was not written thus neither in the original or reproduction what was written was that Jesus was born and was to be a gift to us for our sins and we were to worship him.

If… Continue

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Season Greetings in English, Spanish, French & Hebrew

To My Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Merry Christmas one and all, as we enter into a period of Celebration of our Lord and Saviour who with loving kindness have drawn you and I. Let us reflect as we sit, eat and be merry on His greatest gift to us and know that real love is not just about gazing into others eyes, but looking out in the same direction together.

Jesus loves us with an everlasting love, and with that same loving kindness He has drawn us in His direction to… Continue

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There is much talk of the upcoming pagan festival

Before coming to UK I had not heard of Halloween but it did not take me long after arriving in the Uk even though I was a mere child to realise that people who participate in this celebration was giving importance to the Devil. It is so sad to see so many people who may claim not to celebrate but who indirectly give importance to the devil by allowing their children to partake in this devilish celebration then we as a nation sit and wonder what is happening to the children of… Continue

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